Wynn (R6)

Granting Wishes

A rune of joy, pleasure and friendship. Wynn will attract supportive and positive friends. It will protect against those, who by pretending friendship, will try to prey on our energies or benefit from our prosperity, with no reciprocal intention. It can help to overcome addiction to alcohol, drugs or sensual pleasures. Wearing the Wunjo Rune, you can discover the real and natural joys of life.

Wear for: success, victory, happiness, recognition, contentment, family, fame and the realization of dreams. Evokes joy and contentment. It helps to build relationships with loved ones. Attracts friends. Comforts in sadness. Protects against slander. It aids the prevention depression and sadness and can help strengthen the immune system.

Rune Charms are superbly crafted pendants, each packed with a leaflet explaining its meaning and how to empower it.

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