Ur (R2)

Strength & Advancement

This rune connects us with the inner energy as well as the energy of the Earth. It can help to store both energy and strength. The image assigned to this rune is an ancient aurochs, a true ruler of the forest, independent and drawing strength directly from the Earth. By wearing Uruz rune, you can be constantly powered by this force.

Wear for: adapting to new circumstances, helps with concentration and strengthening willpower. Good for overcoming difficult moments in a relationship. It helps to free yourself from bad influences and addictions. Wearing the Uruz rune can help to protect against anaemia, increase immunity and add energy and vitality. It protects against weakness of character and attracts health and perseverance.

Rune Charms are superbly crafted pendants, each packed with a leaflet explaining its meaning and how to empower it.

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