Heulsaf Y Gaeaf (BC16)

10-31 Dec. Charisma

At the Winter Solstice (Heulsaf Y Gaeaf), Druids worshipped and celebrated a bright Star on the 6th day of the Lunar cycle. We still celebrate the legend of the star a symbol of the journey to new beginnings in Christmas folklore. Days are shortest now and the moon, ruling the winter nights, empowers Housaf Y Gaeaf people with charisma and magnetism.

Magical Birth Charms were worn by the Celts to influence destiny and identify personal characteristics, very much as we wear our own astrological sign today. Our Celtic Birth Charms may be chosen to empower your own Celtic birth sign or, by selecting another symbol, to manifest its spirit within you.

Mounted on card with meaning and in cello bag. Sterling Silver.
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