Daeg (R12)

Creating Opportunities

Daeg is a rune of daybreak, the moment when the night transforms into day. It indicates the time of sunrise and one of the magical moments of perfect balance between light and darkness. It is a rune of new opportunities, new beginnings, heralding a change in life for the better. These runes should be worn by people who wish to put any period of failure, illness or sadness behind them.

Wear for: combination of opposites, hope, transformation and awareness. Supports spiritual development. Brings faith and optimism. Helps in achieving the set goals. Helps to overcome hopelessness. Protects against harmful influences. Brings positive results in any situation. Helps to understand and get to know the reality, brightens the mind.

Rune Charms are superbly crafted pendants, each packed with a leaflet explaining its meaning and how to empower it.

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