About us

about-us Eastgate was founded in 1990 by managing director Jon Freedman, whom has had a life-long fascination and affinity towards the world of myth, legend, history and the Arts Magickal.

As a business, we became aware of a distinct gap in the market for good quality, affordable historical and magically themed jewellery and remedied this by launching our first Eastgate jewellery collections. The company has since set the high standard in this unique marketplace of concept jewellery. Extensive research goes into the historical heritage and provenance of each piece in our themed collections and every Eastgate design is authentic to its esoteric and cultural roots.

Eastgate recognises the difficulty that all sellers, whether it be for retail, wholesale, distribution or leisure, face in sourcing gift items with a fantasy or Magickal theme that are authentic and also great value. Our innovative point of display solutions to help sell our ranges are our attractively designed display cases and frames, which clearly explain the magical benefit or historical attribute of each piece. Detailed descriptive leaflets within the individual packaging complement our products and provide buyers with real value for money.

Existing jewellery collections include Viking, Celtic, Myth and Magic, Wicca, Gothic, Egyptian, Runic and even Voodoo ranges. We also offer related gifts for upselling and add-on purchases, such as tarot bags, rune stones, divining rods, pendulums and spell kits.

Here at Eastgate we pride ourselves on fast and friendly customer service from our North London based team and have individual managers of our UK and International markets to ensure we always go above and beyond to ensure we're an efficient, helpful point of contact at all times. We also have a network of worldwide distributors who ship our goods at local freight charges and work closely with us to provide a high level of International service.

Our mission is to continually develop fresh, new ranges and we love to hear our customers' feedback, comments and suggestions. It is our privilege to work with the 'Best of British' historical and magical researchers, artists and designers who are as passionate about our products as we are. Our vision is inspired by Britain's native heritage and we are honoured to support craftsmen and manufacturers in the British Isles.